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Tokuda Health Insurance JSC is part of one of the largest in the world medical groups - Tokushukai Medical Group, founded by Dr. Torao Tokuda from Japan. Tokushukai Medical Group owns more than 300 healthcare facilities operating on the territory of Japan and established "know-how" in the field of healthcare for more than 40 years proven experience, meeting the world standards for medical care in the name of the Patient.
Tokuda Hospital Sofia Bulgaria is the first successful pilot project of Tokushukai Group abroad - a model of high quality modern medical facility not only for Bulgaria, but for whole South East Europe and an example of a new direction in the Japanese presence - export of medical services, health and longevity.
Tokuda Health Insurance JSC is with a single level management system of a Board of Directors.
The management team of Tokuda Health Insurance JSC has a long experience in health insurance. The company works with an established team of managers and experts performing an ambitious program for its development on the health and personal insurance market.
Tokuda Health Insurance JSC has as its objective to provide its customers with complex medical service and correct indemnification in case of an insurance event.
Tokuda Health Insurance JSC has built a network of partner medical establishments - multi-profile and specialized hospitals, medical centers and laboratories, including a coordination structure countrywide that provides the individual servicing of each customer.
The primary partners of the Company are Tokuda Hospital Sofia and Tokuda Medical Center.
MBAL Tokuda Hospital Sofia and Tokuda Medical Center offer:
  • Diagnostic machines and last generation laboratories enabling the detailed identification of the condition and functions of the organs without any harmful impact over the organism.
  • Clinics and sectors with modern equipment in the primary medical areas that apply the global test and treatment standards. 
  • Established "Preventive medicine" sector.

"Each Life Is Irreplaceable.
We will decisively meet the challenges of true medical care."

Torao Tokuda, Founder of Tokushukai Medical Group
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